Conference Lectures

Here are some of my most popular presentations.

-Spirituality & Recovery: Reverend Leo Booth clearly explains the difference between spirituality and religion; removing any confusion.
-Who Takes Care Of The Caregiver: A health professional can easily get exhausted unless they have healthy boundaries. Reverend Leo gives clear suggestions for helping the caregiver.
-Breaking The Myths Of Substance Abuse: Reverend Leo is positively clear about the fact that addicts can get well. Recovery depends upon making healthy spiritual choices.
-A New Approach To Wellness & Healing: Reverend Leo Booth suggests a new model for spirituality that clearly affirms the healing of body, mind, and emotions: Holistic Spirituality.
-The Wisdom Of Letting Go: We need to let go of any and all unnecessary baggage. We can only be responsible for our attitudes and actions; codependent behavior is extremely unhealthy.
-Positive Attitudes In Recovery: Addiction makes us both negative and destructive. Recovery is about becoming a positive and creative human being.
-Guiding The Dysfunctional Family Into Recovery: The disease of addiction affects the family. Alongside the addict, the family needs treatment and a recovery program.
-10 Spiritual Insights Into Healthy Living: Reverend Leo Booth gives us ten spiritual (not religious) insights into a comprehensive healing program. The lecture is based upon his Say Yes to Your Life workbook.
-Say Yes To Your Life: Reverend Leo expands on the need to be proactive in our approach to healing and recovery.
-Creating Healthy Spirituality: Reverend Leo affirms that spirituality is within every human being. We do not need to get it; rather we discover it. Once discovered we need to polish it.